The Ultimate Guide to EcoPayz Casinos not on Gam Stop

EcoPayz is what is known as an e-wallet. It is an online financial transaction company that specialises in safe, instant and convenient payment services worldwide. It has developed into one of the top solutions for online payments in the iGaming world since its initial foundation as EcoCard in 2000.

Rebranded as EcoPayz in 2013, it is owned by PSI-Pay. Regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, it’s a popular payment method especially for British gamblers. It’s also common at casino sites not on Gam Stop.

An Overview of EcoPayz

With a registered EcoPayz account, you are able to transfer money to and from your online casino account, as well as using it for purchasing transactions and even sending money between people. While there is a card offered in their service, it is primarily an e-wallet. However, to make use of it, you must first load the e-wallet with money using a range of different online deposit methods.

Signing up and creating an EcoPayz account couldn’t be simpler, with the first few steps being much like creating any other online account. Simply enter their website and click on the ‘Join us’ tab and wait for the options. Your country must be listed, and if it is, you can become a member within just a few minutes. Once your account is set up and available, you can begin making deposits and other transactions.

Depositing to EcoPayz

Using a major credit or debit card, you can easily deposit money into your EcoPayz account, and this is the most popular method of doing so. But any cards used must first be verified with EcoPayz via the use of their myEco interface.

This is a simple process that will begin when you make your first deposit. Much like other online payment accounts, they simply make a tiny deposit to your card’s account for verification.

Alternatively, and dependent on where you live, there are other methods for depositing which will take a little longer than the instantaneous credit or debit card. Local bank transfers are one such option, with instant electronic bank transfers and wire transfers being other options.

Theoretically, these methods are all free however there is a strong chance that both your bank or EcoPayz will charge a small fee so do check the terms and conditions.

Other Features

Withdrawal From EcoPayz: ECO Webcard

There are several options available when it comes to withdrawing money from your EcoPayz account. The most popular, and most convenient, is the use of the ECO Webcard.

This is instantly activated once your credit or debit card has been verified and your identity has also been checked. Once loaded, this can be used to easily and conveniently make online purchases directly from the EcoPayz account that you have set up.

EcoPayz Prepaid MasterCard

There is also the option to have a physical EcoPayz prepaid card. You have to apply for it and wait several business days for it to arrive at your address. The physical card, much like the webcard, is completely free to obtain and is loaded with the funds you have built up in your EcoPayz account.

However, using this card results in EcoPayz charging a predetermined fee that is based on the amount of the withdrawal.

Getting your Casino Cash

Finally, if your aim is to simply withdraw any winnings that you’ve transferred to your EcoPayz account, there is an option for that too. You can link your EcoPayz account to your actual bank account by providing the IBAN or SWIFT code – the benefit is that sensitive information isn’t seen by the casino.

This allows you to withdraw directly to your own bank, although EcoPayz, and possibly your bank may charge a fee for this service.

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