PaySafe Casinos without Gamstop – How does it work?

Paysafecard is one of the online payment solutions offered by the Paysafe Group that also includes the likes of Neteller and Skrill. The solution offers a prepaid online payment solution which also provides a way with which you can use the cash to make an online payment.

Paysafecard services are similar to what mobile phone top-up card offers. This means that you can get a Paysafecard voucher that has a 16-digit code with the use of cash at any sales outlet.

With that 16-digit code, you can pay for products or services on any platform that accepts this payment method which includes online casinos or any online gambling platform. Note that the cash you paid will determine the value of the code.

  • Paysafecard is perfectly safe and easy to use.
  • Paysafecard does not require your personal information.

Obtaining Paysafecard and How it Works

If you do not know where to get a Paysafecard, you can easily go to their official website to search for certified retailers in your neighbourhood. To achieve this, you can enter your location and you will get a list of outlets you can visit to purchase the card.

Another means of purchasing a Paysafecard is through online exchanges. However, they are more expensive and are not as secure as physical outlets. Therefore, ensure that if you want to pick this option you have done your research. One important thing to note is that a decent Paysafecard exchanger will also include a password on the code to ensure the transaction is better secured.

After buying a Paysafecard, all you need to do is either pay directly at your non-Gamstop online casino or other gambling platforms you may be using. Or, you can use the card to fund your Skrill or Neteller digital wallet. This payment method is completely secured, fast and very convenient to fund your favourite platforms.

Additionally, you do not need to provide any personal information whenever you want to purchase this card. For those who prefer to use a card instead of credit, debit cards or banks to make a payment will find this solution as a perfect fit. If the website does not accept Paysafecard payment solution but accepts Skrill or Neteller, then you can use the voucher to fund the accepted wallet.

The “My Paysafecard” App

It can get a little bit stressful when you want to make an online payment that will involve you using multiple vouchers. In this case, there is the “My Paysafecard” which permits you to gather an online balance still with the use of cash by grouping multiple voucher codes. However, instead of paying with multiple 16-digit codes, you will make use of a username and password.

Using the “My Paysafecard” app is similar to the voucher, but you will need to provide some personal information such as your full name, address, mobile number and so on. Additionally, you have to be at least 18 years to be eligible, therefore, your date of birth will be required.

Additional Information on Gamstop free paysafe casinos

Paysafecard is not only for making a deposit. This solution can also be used to make withdrawals, although it is seen as more of a deposit option. If you want to use this solution for withdrawals, you have to check if the online casino you are making use of supports a withdrawal option through this payment method.

However, most casinos do not currently accept this method for withdrawals but there is the possibility of that changing over time. Furthermore, there are lots of casinos (many licensed in Curacao) that currently accept the Paysafecard option for both withdrawal and deposit these are Casimba, Eurogrand, Genesis Casino and so on. It is important to note that currently, Paysafecards funded using the US dollar cannot be used.

Final Note

The Paysafecard payment method is very different from most methods of funding online casinos since it is not an exact e-wallet. Instead, it makes use of the voucher system which offers a much safer means of online payment compared to other methods.

However, since the card only comes in fixed amounts, you may find it hard if you like spontaneous deposits or you are a high roller. Therefore, it is recommended that you find a more suitable online payment solution.

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