Bingo Sites not on Gamstop

bingo sites not on gamstop

Some players have signed up to Gamstop in the belief they only would exclude themselves from slot sites and not bingo sites. This is one common reason for people to look for online bingo not on Gamstop. Another common reason is foreigners living in the UK who can’t play bingo online because of being non-residents and they have to find a non-UK operator.

On this site, you can find bingo not on Gamstop but as always when gambling this should be handled with care. Since these bingo sites have their licenses in other jurisdictions than the UK, you don’t have the same safety as a UKGC-licensed casino. If you’re more into slots, check the page for non Gamstop casinos.

Before entering a bingo site listed, remember this list is created for foreigners or people with big control of their gambling. Please do this test if you’re unsure about your position.

List of the Best Bingo Sites not on Gamstop

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Are there Bingo Sites not on Gamestop?

are there bingo sites not on gamstop?

When you’re signing up for Gamestop, all gambling online – slots, live casinos, betting, trotting and also bingo sites will be blocked for you.

This is however only affecting online gambling and not offline. Before, Gamestop was not mandatory for UK-licensed casinos hence many people signed up to be blocked from the bingo sites connected to it, but since it got mandatory they also, people got blocked from all bingo sites.

This has led to people looking for bingo sites not with Gamestop and non-UK alternatives. These bingo sites are also open to non-UK players, which can’t sign up to a UK bingo site.

There are a growing number of non Gamstop bingo sites popping up online, replacing the older, more traditional brick and mortar bingo halls. As people move toward technological options, these sites are able to offer bigger and better games and bonuses, ensuring that players have an exciting time online.

However, there are so many sites available that it can be hard for UK players to know exactly which site to pick. With this in mind, we have looked at the various bingo sites so that we can review them and provide our recommendations.

New bingo sites tend to offer exciting bonuses, a number of different bingo games, and can even be attached to an online casino. As such, there are a lot of features that need to be taken into consideration when selecting the perfect place to play. Of course, the final choice will come down to player preference, but we’ll do a breakdown of each of the sites in terms of what features we feel are the most important to be aware of. Some of the aspects we look at include:

  • Security
  • Game selection
  • Community atmosphere
  • Bonuses on offer

All these factors and more are considered when it comes to our recommendations for the best bingo sites UK players have access to. Throughout this guide, we will cover all the important features that should be considered, providing players with our recommended sites. We never recommend sites that do not meet our criteria, so players can rest easy knowing they’re playing at the best of the best. Read on to find out all about online bingo sites not on Gamstop in the UK has to offer avid players of the game.

How to pick among UK bingo sites not on Gamstop?

When looking for non-Gamstop bingo sites you already know more or less what you want – a bingo site which is not connected to Gamstop.

But apart from that, you should also consider the bonuses when looking for a new bingo venue to enjoy.

Almost all online gaming sites will offer new players a welcome bonus. This isn’t necessarily the biggest bonus, nor should players choose a site that offers more than others without checking all the terms and conditions. What welcome offers do is bring in new customers to try out their site. What we look for in a welcome offer is one that doesn’t have excessively high wagering requirements and that also caters to new players. Some non Gamstop bingo sites will offer match deposit bonuses, but others take a less traditional route.

For instance, some sites will actually offer free bingo tickets for signing up. These can be used on specific games, allowing players to see the action before putting real money down. Alternatively, bingo sites might go a step further and offer special bingo rooms dedicated to new players who can then play games for free. Bonuses at these sites also extend to return players, providing loyal customers with weekly or even daily bonuses to give their bingo bankroll a boost. Some sites will also offer physical prizes in the form of event tickets.

  • Welcome bonuses can cover free tickets and rooms
  • On-going bonuses are varied

Range of Games at Bingo Sites not on Gamstop

As some of these bingo sites are exclusively for that game, it’s important to look at the types of bingo games on offer. This extends to the rooms that are available. For instance, it’s not much fun signing up to a bingo site that has a few rooms all with high priced tickets. When we look for the best bingo sites not with Gamstop we always make sure that there are a wide range of game prices available so that players can play at a cost that is comfortable for them.

Some bingo sites not on Gamstop are actually joined with a casino site as well. This means that players can access a wide range of other games, including slots, virtual table games and even live dealer games. However, this does mean that we take extra care when checking out the options of bingo sites not registered with Gamstop and make sure that there is a range of different bingo games available. It may come as a surprise to many that there are a number of different bingo game types, which we will outline below.

Types of bingo

Many sites will offer the standard options of 90 and 75-ball bingo, but sometimes it’s fun to have even more options. Great bingo sites will also offer 50, 60 and even 80 ball bingo. Each of these have different numbers on the cards and require slightly different rows to be matched up. Some casino sites will also offer session bingo games. These are particularly exciting, as session games usually run for an hour where the player has paid once for the entrance fee and then gets to play continuously in that room.

Network Games Versus Exclusive Rooms

It’s also important to look and see whether the bingo site offers network or exclusive games. Network games operate across a number of different bingo sites, meaning that more players can join and the prizes can go up. Exclusive rooms are found only on that specific site and tend to offer smaller, though more regular, wins. In our opinion, it’s best to find sites that offer a mix of both so that potential players can pick and choose between the type of game they wish to play.

Platform usability and compatibility

bingo platforms and usability

As everything is done online these days, it’s important to consider how user friendly a bingo site is. With this in mind, we make sure that we check how easy it is to navigate around the site. One of the better things to look for is making sure the site is uncluttered and not bogged down by garish graphics. We also make sure that there are pre-buy facilities on the site, which is a great option for players wanting to play later on in the day.

Finally, we also take a look at the compatibility with mobile devices. Nowadays, more and more gaming sites are accommodating mobile platforms. Some sites will actually offer dedicated mobile apps that can be downloaded to the mobile device. However, it is important to check that these apps are both Android and iOS compatible. Some non gamstop betting sites prefer to simply ensure that their site is compatible on mobile browsers so that players can simply log in wherever they are and get playing on any of the bingo games they have tickets for.

  • Easy navigation
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Options to pre-buy tickets


Liquidity is an aspect of bingo sites that is often overlooked; however, we take this into consideration when choosing our recommended bingo sites in the UK. Liquidity describes the amount of cash that is in the gaming system or network. For example, a bingo room that has many players will have good liquidity, which in turn means that the prizes will be big. Bingo rooms that have few players will have poor liquidity and this means that prizes will be minimal and rather small, which is not appealing to players.

Liquidity therefore becomes circular in how it affects the status of a bingo site. Rooms with high liquidity bring in more players, which then improves the liquidity. There’s a fine line here, though, for if the room has attracted too many players, the chances of winning start to decrease. Good bingo sites will manage this by adding exclusive rooms or adding more prizes within games. They do this so that players have good chances of winning big prizes without being overwhelmed by playing alongside thousands of other players.

Community Atmosphere at Bingo Sites UK

One of the aspects that many players fear is missing when making the transition to the online bingo platform is losing out on the community feel of the game. In bingo halls, part of the fun is being able to meet up and chat with people from the area. However, online bingo sites have managed to incorporate this feature nicely within their games, as they offer chat functions within each room so that the players can all chat with one another in the same communal way.

Many bingo rooms go a step further and have a host for the chat too. In some great rooms, this host will keep the chat flowing and even throw out trivia questions that players can answer in order to get extra prizes. These hosts also can help players resolve any problems they might have and even point them in the direction of bonuses and promotions. Having a lively chat like this is a definite way to encourage return players and make the games more exciting for everyone.

  • Live chats are available in bingo rooms
  • Dedicated hosts help to keep conversation flowing
  • Lively rooms encourage players to come back

Are UK Bingo Sites not on Gamstop Safe to Play?

The UKGC is one of the most regulated gambling organs on the planet. However, the Bingo sites not registered to Gamstop does not hold a UK license, even if they are open to UK players to register at.

Therefor, you will not have the same safety as a UK-licensed casino. To self-exclude, you need to contact each casino manually. If there’s any problem occurring, you can not turn to UKGC for any help.

This is factors which are very important to be aware of when trying to get around Gamstop and register for an offshore bingo site.

Is it different to play on a UKGC-licensed casino?

As with all online sites, as soon as money is involved there is the question of safety and security. For UK-based bingo sites, they all need to be licensed with the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) if they plan to operate within the country. This is one of the most respected jurisdictions in the world and demands high standards when it comes to the operation of the site. This, in itself, is a very good indicator of how reputable and safe the bingo site actually is, as these sites must adhere to their regulations.

Failing to meet any of these requirements means that the site can get its license removed and thus go out of business, so it’s in their best interests to comply. This license also requires the site to ensure there is security on all parts of the site. Most will employ SSL encryption protocols to ensure that player data does not fall into the wrong hands. We check all of this out and if bingo sites don’t meet these criteria, we don’t recommend them to our readers.

Gaming fairness

Another aspect that comes under the licensing from the UKGC is gaming fairness. This is an important thing to consider when choosing a bingo site as it concerns the way the bingo games operate. As these are all virtual games, they are run on random number generators. These can be tampered with if they do not undergo gaming fairness. Under UKGC ruling, all games must be audited so that both players and bingo sites know that everything is operating in an unbiased manner, creating a fun gaming environment for all.

Site transparency

Finally, it’s important to consider site transparency. This involves showing players how the games all work. For instance, some bingo sites will actually allow players to see which numbers the other players in the game still need to get while the game is in play. Being transparent in all these workings also increases trust in the brand. Trust is hugely important, as this is what keeps players playing and indeed coming back to the site on a regular basis. Other things that affect trust include customer service and payments.

Player treatment

Leading on from trust, we come to player treatment. Some of these factors actually overlap. For instance, great bingo sites should have a strong support system in place. This means that players should be able to get in touch with a staff member quickly if an issue should ever arise. We try to recommend sites that offer live chat services as this is the most efficient and effective way of getting in touch. On top of this, we take a look at whether the bingo site has any complaints online and how these were handled.

Player treatment also encompasses the options for VIP status. Many sites will have a VIP scheme in place allowing high rollers to get access to exclusive bonuses and promotions. Some of these VIP programmes are by invitation only, so players will need to look at the specific terms and conditions for each site they sign up to. On top of this, often the criteria will be flexible within the bingo site too, as sites will protect the privacy of VIPs, thus ensuring a top-quality gaming experience.

Conclusion – Bingo sites not on Gamstop UK

UK bingo sites generally have a lot going for them. As they are required to be licensed by the UKGC, they tend to operate under high security and safety standards, ensuring a fair and trustworthy gaming environment is provided. However, for most players, this is not enough. Players need to have access to exciting and lucrative bonuses, as well as a range of different bingo games and room options. Creating a fun gaming atmosphere is also crucial in providing the entertaining, social atmosphere synonymous with bingo.

We always strive to make sure that the bingo sites we recommend meet all of these criteria. We also delve deeper into some of the lesser-known parts of these sites, such as taking a look at the liquidity of the site, to make our final judgment. With all of these aspects combined, we are perfectly placed to make strong bingo site recommendations to our readers. Why not have a look at our UK bingo site reviews and see if there’s the perfect bingo site for you to join?