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Curacao is an island in the Southern Caribbean. It has a long history of gambling, becoming one of the first places to offer forms of gambling and gaming online when it launched its service back in 1993.

However, despite being in operation for over two decades, this jurisdiction for a Curacao Casino has not managed to reach some of the exceptional standards afforded by other licensing bodies worldwide.

It should be noted that many new casinos that pop up are met with a certain level of distrust, but casinos in Curacao tend to be even more so, and we will get into that later on. Most casinos not on Gamstop and betting sites not covered are having licenses from Curacao Egaming.

  • Curacao licenses many new sites.
  • Not all are trustworthy.
  • Licenses can be obtained quickly.

Despite some potential issues on casino Curacao licenses, most of the new sites are here to impress their potential customers. These sites offer thousands of games, fun gamification features, and a range of payment options – not to mention they are available to a huge audience. We will delve into all there is to know about Curacao casinos so that players can make the right choice.

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Features of a Curacao Casino

Features of a Curacao Casino

As we mentioned, one of the things you can expect when a new casino drops onto the scene is that it’s more than likely going to be licensed with Curacao.

Curacao online casinos also accept a huge number of countries and players worldwide; however, one of the few exceptions to this is UK players, who are prevented from accessing their sites due to regulatory issues.

Curacao licensed casinos also give players the chance to remain anonymous through the payment options they offer. These options include cryptocurrencies, which means players never need to input any of their own personal data. They are also not registered on Gamstop.

Finally, these sites offer a wide range of games, coupled with utilising some of the best software providers in the industry – thus ensuring a good gaming platform is offered.

The license is common for gambling and bingo sites not on Gamstop, making it one of the more common licenses for non-UK casinos.

  • Players from around the world can access these casinos
  • Thousands of games are offered
  • UK players cannot join

How to get a Curacao Casino License

Getting a Curacao license is actually one of the easier licenses to get for operators, which is why it’s such a common option despite its slightly lower standing in the world of online casinos.

However, there’s actually only one license, the Master License, that is offered under the CIGA to Curacao gambling casinos. Only four organisations are holding this license, and it is these entities that provide further licensing.

Master license holders are the only way to get the sublicense, which is the license directly applied to casino operators not on Gamstop, affiliate sites, etc.

The Curacao license is a simple one for all processes, so there are no different options depending on whether the casino is a betting site or a casino. This makes it a lot easier to apply for and obtain.

License Requirements in Curacao – Does Gamstop Apply?

The requirements are not that strict for this license. Companies need to be integrated with a local company from the island if they apply for a sublicense.

They also need to have physical hardware present on the island and operate a local bank account.

There must be a detailed business plan in place alongside evidence that this plan can be financially supported. Lastly, there must be clear criminal records.

Countries that can play

One of the big plus points for any operator obtaining a Curacao casino license is that this license enables players worldwide to join.

There are very few countries that are restricted. Countries like Canada and Australia can access these sites, though there is a need for further local licenses regarding payments.

Are Curacao casinos safe?

The Curacao e-gaming license might have less strict rules than other licensees such as UKGC and MGA, but still offer a good level of security to the players.

What games are available at Curacao sites?

Many of the top game providers for slots and live dealer games have Curacao licenses and offer great games and entertainment to the players.

What are the advantages of Curacao casinos?

Curacao casinos offer great flexability and does not apply to national self-exclusion programs.

Does Gamstop also apply to Curacao casinos?

No, players blocked on Gamstop can still access Curacao casinos.

How Much does a Curacao Gambling License cost?

Another thing that stands in favour of Curacao licenses is their cost. Not only is this a fast license to get hold of, but it’s also one of the cheaper options out there.

For instance, the sublicense fees are usually between $4000 to $5000 per year. There’s also an additional one-off fee that applicants must pay when submitting their initial proposal for the license.

Other costs come in, too, though. These include e-zone application costs, which is an annual payment, fees for becoming a local company (the incorporation and management of the said company) and even the costs of hosting the site.

In total, a Curacao license can end up being around $20,000 to $30,000, but this is still significantly less than other jurisdictions, making it worthwhile.

  • $5000 per year.
  • Submission fee.
  • Hardware fees.
  • It can be up to $30,000 in total.

Are Non Gamstop Curacao Casinos Trustworthy?

Trust is one of the most important aspects when playing online and is the biggest sticking point when playing at Curacao licensed casino sites.

For many years, controversy has plagued this jurisdiction, particularly regarding money laundering and pirate games that surfaced on several Curacao licensed sites. However, in recent years, the jurisdiction has taken steps to improve in these areas.

While they have cleaned up their act in many areas, the Curacao license is still one of the easiest to obtain compared to other licensing jurisdictions.

In addition to this, they have a hands-off approach to the way they operate, meaning players who run into problems should not expect any assistance from this governing body and leading to issues of reliability across the board.

Payment Methods at Curacao Casinos

One of the stronger areas of casinos licensed with Curacao comes in the form of the payment methods that are used. Most of these sites will use some of the most reliable and trusted payment methods out there.

These include eWallets such as Credit card, Skrill, Neteller and more. In fact, there is a need for casinos to provide Proof of Investment when getting a Curacao license.

However, the issue arises when taking a look at the countries that are targeted for this. As we mentioned, Australia and Canada require PSP licenses, with banks actually blocking payments from some of these countries.

This is why UK players, in particular, often run into issues when playing at a non Gamstop Curacao site. Many sites have subsequently turned to cryptocurrencies to circumvent some of these issues.

  • Offer a wide range of payment options
  • Players can use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin

Software Providers at Curacao Casinos

Software Providers at Curacao Casinos

When it comes to the actual gaming side of playing at Curacao casinos, this is where things get really good. Most of these casinos use games by some of the top providers in the industry, including the likes of Microgaming and NetEnt.

However, there is the issue that some of these games suffer from jurisdictional restrictions – again, Australians fall foul of this and are unable to access the full game range.

Some Curacao sites can still be found to offer NetEnt games in countries where these games are restricted. However, as a general rule, players who find such a casino should avoid using it.

Curacao casinos will also use several lesser-known software providers, such as BGaming and SoftSwiss, to provide their cryptocurrency options, which means more games are available.

Slot Games

One of the great things about Curacao casinos is their wide number of software providers. This does mean that there is a huge number of slot games to be accessed.

One of the more popular providers utilised by Curacao casino is Real Time Gaming, which offers a tonne of exciting, fair games that aren’t commonly seen at other sites. Players can still access top slots like Book of Dead.

Other Non Gamstop Curacao Game Options

The game options don’t stop at slots, though. Usually, players will find that Curacao casinos offer a comprehensive selection of games. This will include the more traditional virtual table game options complete with a wide number of features and players being able to access well-rounded live dealer games. Like other jurisdictions, it’s a case of looking through the game library to see the full selection.

Pros and Cons of Curacao Casinos

While there are some issues, there are good points to Curacao sites too. One of the biggest is the fact that they accept players from around the world.

They also offer pretty favourable taxes due to their location on a Caribbean island. Curacao licenses are easy to get hold of, and there are few legal restrictions in place, which means a more free-flowing game experience.

However, these sites tend to have a bad reputation on an international scale and players choosing to participate do so at their own risk. There is no way of getting help from the licensing body if things do go wrong.

Money is always a big factor in these sites, and as such, there are still fraudulent goings-on to be found, though there is a clean up in progress.

Final Thoughts on Curacao Casinos

Curacao casinos offer players a wealth of games, coupled with some pretty exciting bonuses options. The fact that they’re available to players around the world also helps to make them a rather enticing place to join in.

However, players need to be aware of the security and trustworthiness issues that come with playing at one of these sites before making the final commitment. Many of the casinos not licensed in the UK have a Curacao-license.

With Curacao cleaning up its act regarding their licensing, these sites, including non Gamstop ones, look to have a promising future.

As these sites have such good software and payment options in place, a little more in the way of restrictions might actually help to tighten things up and make the process safer and more secure.

However, let’s not forget and there are still some great Curacao casinos out there that we recommend.

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