How to get around Gamstop?

How to get around Gamstop?

Gamstop is the national self-exclusion scheme created to serve and protect UK gamblers. This system has lately become mandatory for gambling operators holding a UK-license. Still, several media outlets have reported on flaws in the system and gamblers have witnessed that they have signed up to Gamstop from one particular website, in belief to be excluded from that one only.

On this page, we will describe to you how to get around Gamstop. This article is only for informational use and only for gamblers who have full control of their gambling. If you have any history of problem gambling, this list should only be used for manual self-exclusion from casinos not on Gamstop, or to find alternatives to the scheme.

Before visiting a casino below, remember these bypass Gamstop and should be handled with care. Please do this test to determine if you’re considered to be a risk player.

Gambling Sites that are getting around Gamstop

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How to stop Gamstop – can you bypass it?

how to bypass gamstop

It is not possible to stop Gamstop if you signed up for it. The system is created to prevent problem gamblers from playing, and if you are one of those – don’t look for a way on how to get past Gamstop. Embrace the system and block yourself from non Gamstop gambling sites as well to get a bulletproof system.

If you are an occasional bettor in the United Kingdom, you’ve likely come across the term “Gamstop” from time to time in your betting career. Various misconceptions have emerged from this term, from the application process to its severity. If you really want to be protected, then you need to give this article an attentive and thorough read. Although this is easier to read than do it, acquainting yourself with this information is winning the battle halfway, as Gamstop can play a great role in a gambler’s life.

It’s only a small number of gamblers who may lose control and have problems with addiction – the majority of players gamble for entertainment purposes. This article covers the ins and outs of Gamstop self-exclusion while getting into every nook and cranny of this organisation. It also covers every detail that fits your needs. Before we get deep into the terminologies and technicalities of Gamstop, it’s important first to establish what it is. In the past few years, the Gamstop community has drawn a lot of traction.

  • Gamstop is a scheme that helps restrict gamblers’ access to casinos and gambling sites in the UK.
  • Registering to Gamstop is voluntary – it’s a life-defining scheme in regards to gambling.

Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme mainly used in the United Kingdom. If you sign up for it, you’ll be blocked from accessing gambling sites within the UK. Even if there are ways around Gamstop, it is overall a good system.

A non-profit organisation runs it, and it’s a free service to access. The process of how to get around Gamstop is easy. If you encounter any difficulties, or if you need any help regarding gambling, you can get free support from Gamstop. The site gives you a choice of how long you want to stay away from gambling, ranging from 6 months to 5 years.

Frequently Asked Questions on how to get around Gamstop

How long does Gamstop last?

Your self-exclusion is set up by yourself, and you determine how long your exclusion should work. You apply to be excluded for 6 months up to 5 years. Any gamblers who have suffered from their gambling should use the longest period and prolong it at the time it ends.

With non-UK casinos, it works the same way, but you have to email them separately. There are also alternatives to Gamstop, which can prevent you from gambling on offshore casinos.

Is there a way around Gamstop?

You can not play on any casinos or gambling sites who are having a license issued by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission if you are signed up to Gamstop.

Some casinos are open to UK-players who are signed up to Gamstop, but these casinos have a license from another jurisdiction and don’t provide the same safety as a UKGC-casino.

How does Gamstop work?

You navigate to and sign up to their system with your personal details. In the system, you can pick the period you want to be excluded for (6 months to 5 years), and all UKGC-casinos have to obey this request.

After the exclusion period, you can either prolong the period or play at gambling sites again.

How to remove Gamstop?

If you have signed up to Gamstop, there is no way to remove the exclusion. This scheme is created to protect you from compulsive gambling, and it would be losing the point if you could remove it.

To gamble online, you will have to find an offshore casino that is open for UK-players.

How to cancel Gamstop?

Self-exclusion is a perfect description of Gamstop, and since this is the whole idea of the program, there is no way to cancel Gamstop.

Some flaws have been found in the system, so theoretically you could find a UKGC-casino which allows Gamstop-connected players, but in general, it works well.

One way around Gamstop is to play on a casino listed above; however, this is only made for gamblers in control and with no history of compulsive gambling. If you have, you can combine Gamstop with other self-exclusion tools listed on this website.

Perhaps as a gambler, you have been forced to register yourself on this prevention index. The Gamstop scheme, however, gives you a choice of the time period during which you wish to stay away from gambling. Various circumstances may have pushed you to this decision, such as being forced by people in your life who are affected by your gambling. Nevertheless, there are ways around Gamstop, which we’ll look into later in this article – however, due to the current license terms from the UKGC, this could be hard.

Before we get into too much detail, it is important first to ensure that you understand Gamstop clearly. Many gamblers around the world are looking for ways to limit themselves from their gambling habits. If you are one of them and assuming you could be suffering from financial issues or lack of self-control, Gamstop could be a helpful solution for you. As it’s a national online scheme that offers self-exclusion services, the scheme will prevent you from accessing any online casino sites in the United Kingdom.

  • Once you’re registered on Gamstop, it’s not easy to leave the scheme until your specified time period expires.
  • Gamstop stops you from accessing any online casino in the UK, but not non-UK casinos licensed in another jurisdiction.

How Gamstop works

how gamstop works

Operating Gamstop comes as an easy task to many gamblers, as it’s not complicated at all. A gambler will be required to apply for the program with their personal details. Once approved, the site offers you a list of time durations for which you wish to stop your gambling habits. Depending on your preference, you can choose to self-exclude for 6 months, one year, or the longest period of five years. During this period, you’ll not be able to register with any gambling site within the UK nor play at any sites registered at earlier.

If a gambler picks the five years duration period to lay off the habit, this is obviously quite a long time. During this period, a lot can change, such as your gambling attitude or your self-discipline. Nevertheless, keep in mind that even if your decision or relationship with gambling changes, your Gamstop prohibition does not. During the Gamstop application process, personal details are fed into the archive, including your name, unique postcodes and many other details. Provided you don’t change any of this information; your active membership will remain in place.

What happens if you try to log in or register at a gambling site in the UK?

Any attempt made by a gambler to log in to an existing account or create a new one will be blocked if the website has partnered with Gamstop. Any attempt to log in or register to a gambling site will be scanned thoroughly by Gamstop if you have registered with them.

If so, you will be denied the login and the registration privileges. Keep in mind that once you have registered with Gamstop, there are no ways to get around Gamstop and you are henceforth banned from accessing any gambling site operating within the United Kingdom jurisdiction.

Gamstop only applies to online gambling sites – but can you get around it?

In instances where you are already logged into your betting account via your personal details and later on realize that you are registered with Gamstop, you have only a 24 hour grace period. Once that time lapses, you will be automatically logged out of the website, after which the Gamstop ban will go into effect immediately.

However, remember that Gamstop only targets your gambling habits online. If you try to go and gamble outside in a brick and mortar casino, nothing is there to stop you.

So for the UK-licensed casinos, you can’t be getting around Gamstop. Your only way is to sit and wait for your exclusion period to pass.

How to apply for Gamstop services

The Gamstop application process is quite blunt. All you need to do is go straight to their website and read their terms and conditions beforehand. On the front page, you’ll get some other significant information that reminds you to keep your gambling in check. In the header of the website, click on the register button. This will lead you to a page which will inform you further about what Gamsop is and how it operates. The Gamstop registration page is very dynamic and provides lots of information about the registration process.

Once you have read through the page and you are sure that you want to continue with the registration, click on the start button at the bottom of the page. After you click on the start button, your registration process begins, and you will be asked a couple of questions. You will be required to supply your personal information details such as name, email and address, among others. Afterwards, you will be required to confirm your e-mail, and the process is done. In the future, you’ll be prohibited from accessing all UK gambling websites.

  • Registering with Gamstop is simple.
  • If you change your email, name or even address, make sure to submit the changes to Gamstop to ensure you remain active on the scheme.

How to avoid Gamstop?

Well, the easiest way to avoid Gamstop is to never sign-up. If you have signed up to the system because you felt you were playing too much, the best is always to stay and not look for any loopholes to avoid Gamstop.

If your reason to play on a non-UK licensed casino is any other than compulsive gambling, we are here to review them for you. These casinos accept foreigners living in the UK and hold their licenses in other jurisdictions.

How To Reinstate or Get Yourself Out of Gamstop

how to black gamstop

If your situation happens to change, or if you change your mind, you can exit the Gamstop scheme, at least in theory. First, you need to contact Gamstop to arrange a discussion or meeting on lifting your ban. If Gamstop approves your request, which is not guaranteed to happen, your registration with Gamstop will be deleted, and the ban to access gambling operators will be lifted. However, this applies only to Gamstop. If online casinos have blacklisted you because of Gamstop, then this ban is likely to remain.

You could solve this kind of ban by contacting your online casino of choice to explain the situation. If you need to reinstate from Gamstop’s self-exclusion scheme, you’ll be subjected to a cool-off period lasting 24 hours. This allows you some time in case you change your mind about resuming gambling. To re-apply for this multi-operator Self-Exclusion service, contact Gamstop directly. Alternatively, contact your online casino through the customer support channels to discuss the available self-help tools being offered. These are, however, specific to a particular gambling operator. Gamstop is an all-inclusive package.

Information about Gamstop on the UK’s government stand

Under Licensing and Advertising in terms of the Gambling Act of 2014, any online gambling site that wishes to service the UK gambling market must be approved by the UK Gambling Commission, including offshore betting operators such as those in Malta and Curaçao. Part of the rules states that they have to comply and participate in a National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme. The UKGC determined this would best be developed by the Remote Gambling Association (RGA), which is a global trade group for the online gambling industry.

Although it took quite some time to get the ball rolling, KPMG, a consulting firm, gave the efforts a boost in 2016 by conducting a study for the RGA to assist in the implementation phase. It showed an increase in gambling sessions for gambling customers. The UK Gambling Commission, along with GambleAware, have recently tightened measures in a bid to protect players from the negative effects of uncontrolled gambling. Concerning the Gamstop scheme, the UK Gambling Commission has changed its licencing terms. Online casino operators must register to the scheme before being licensed.

  • To ensure people remain safe, the UKGC needs all gambling operators to offer the Gamstop service to customers.
  • Gambling sites not registered with Gamstop are not permitted by the UKGC.

The impact of BeGambleAware on the gambling industry

BeGambleAware is funded and administered by an independent charity, GambleAware. GambleAware’s mission is to help people remain safe from the negative effects of gambling. They provide crucial information to assist people in making enlightened decisions about safer gambling habits. They also provide information regarding understanding and recognising the risks of gambling. GambleAware will also direct you where to go if you need support, help, or further information. GambleAware is a grant-making, independent charity that commissions treatment and prevention services across Wales, England, and Scotland in partnership with expert agencies and organisations.

GambleAware also works alongside the NHS across several areas; commissioning evaluation and research to improve prevention, commissioning the National Gambling Treatment Service, offering public health campaigns on a national level, and provision of local services practical support. Regulated by the Scottish Charity Regulator as well as Charity Commission for England and Wales, GambleAware is fully independent. It has a framework agreement with the UKGC to deliver the national strategy for reducing gambling effects, based on donations from the gambling industry. People who require advice, information, advice or support can access it easily.

Causes of gambling problems

It’s not quite clear what causes problems related to gambling. However, GambleAware provides informed guidance that helps gamblers to make wise betting decisions. Research has established a close relationship to gambling-related problems with experiences in winning at an early age, family behaviours, and gambling at an early age. Also, it has been well established by health experts that gambling issues may result from an interaction between various social, biological, and psychological factors. In addition to these, people affected by gambling addiction tend to be alcohol and drug addicts.

What differentiates Gamstop from other self-exclusion schemes?

There is a huge difference between Gamstop and other self-exclusion schemes. Operated by a government body – National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited (NOSES), Gamstop is a self-exclusion multi-operator scheme that excludes you from accessing all online casinos regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Other kinds of self-exclusion schemes will exclude you only from specific gambling sites and a selection of gaming products you’ve chosen. If you choose an All-product Self-Exclusion option on a gaming site, this action is likely to be applied to accounts you hold with PokerStars and other Full Tilt Poker brands.

The Pros and Cons of Gamstop

Gamstop is a voluntary-based self-exclusion scheme, which is gradually undergoing developments and improvements to develop its effectiveness. When used with a strong will, it’s a powerful tool that can curb your gambling habits. It serves a noble service as an ideal self-exclusion scheme. Although it has proved to be the hardest step, Gamstop is the first step in quitting gambling forever. If you frequently crave gambling, Gamstop’s website has amazing support. Since it’s registered with all UK casinos, Gamstop will prohibit you from accessing the most popular options and beyond.

While it’s considered a good scheme, Gamstop has a few demerits. If you happen to change your mind regarding gambling, it can be a nightmare for you to get out at times. Although it’s a self-scheme in its core, it’s frequent to find yourself forced into it. Gamstop doesn’t stop you from receiving gambling advertisements or promotional emails. Also, once you’ve registered to this scheme, you could still be permanently blacklisted by online gambling operators, even after your self-exclusion term expires. Being a voluntary scheme, Gamstop is fairly easy to avoid.

Conclusion on how to get around Gamstop

GamStop support options include emotional support, debt support, practical controls, and gambling support. There is no charge for signing up to the scheme, and the options available can make you change for the better. Aside from changing your life, Gamstop can help you save a family member from the risky effects of gambling-related problems. Prevention is always the best cure before addiction kicks in. That said, Gamstop is available to gamblers who opt for this smart option before they’re out of control. Their website assists Gamblers Anonymous, GamCare, and National Gambling Helpline freephone.

Additionally, anyone who experiences any gambling issues should reach out to GambleAware for full support. You will get non-judgmental, confidential, and independent gambling advice free of charge. To access more information, you can visit the websites and Additionally, you can find free online resources, forums at, or support groups. To get instant help, you can call the National Gambling Helpline toll-free number 0808 8020 133 or live chat with an adviser. With Gamstop, you will self-exclude yourself from all online casino sites in one place.