How to Contact a Casino not Connected to Gamstop

As a potential player in the casino industry, there are various ways in which you can contact various casinos near you as well as globally. You can choose to play in a casino online or physically availing yourself of the land-based casino.

The choice of the type of casino you would like to play depends on your personal convenience and level of comfort. As you can visit in person or by playing online, there are a number of different contact options available to you.

Live chat

Live chat provides a one on one contact with the personnel of the casino of your choice. This platform allows you to talk with your casino despite physical constraints. Most live chat options are available on the website page of the casino you choose.

With live chat, you are able to get responses regarding your personal issues or queries. Also, no extra costs are incurred. What’s really good about this is that it generally will give you an instant response to your issue.


This is a commonly used platform that you can use to contact your casino of choice. All you have to do is get the email address of the casino you would like to join and write to them using your email address. This method is beneficial since there is minimal commitment.

You also get to choose when to reply to emails at your own pace without any pressure. However, this goes both ways so the information you wanted may be delayed so be careful!

Social media

This method is friendlier to use since you communicate to your casino’s personnel using your most preferred social platform .e.g. Twitter or Facebook. However, you must know that not all casinos not on Gamstop have a social presence hence you can only do this with the casinos that do.

With this, you can leave a comment or concern on their page and they will definitely see it. Also, you can view their frequently asked questions (FAQS) and see all the concerns raised by other players and the casino’s responses to them.


You can get telephone contacts and talk directly with the casino. You can get the casino’s number from their web page or address books. Calling them gives you a way of getting an immediate response from the casino and you can ask all the questions you have.

Some of the casinos allow you to call them at no fee by using freephone mobile numbers. Calling them using their number allows you to gauge how fast they respond to customers as well as their hospitality towards you.

Physically visiting the casino

This is the least preferred method due to all the hassle of going from casino to casino to make a choice. However, it’s the best method to use since you get to see the actual place without the personnel of the casino trying to sugarcoat the place.

One is also able to talk with the management face to face and get instant feedback to your questions. A tour of the place will be given so you’ll get to decide if it fits your needs as a potential player of the casino. However, if the casino is located and licensed offshore in a country like Curacao, then it’s not really a viable option.

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