Everything about AntillePhone NV Gaming

Antillephone NV is among the four master licence holders that are allowed to operate gambling businesses and also issue sub-licences to other operators in the country. The master licence holder was established in 1996, and it has continued to provide the best services to players as well as operators under its domain.

Antillephone NV Gaming ensures that every operator that holds its licence are transparent and fair to players. It is the first master licence holder in Curaçao to offer cryptocurrency-based online casinos licences. In this article, we will provide an in-depth review of AntillePhone NV Gaming and its operations.

  • Antillephone is one of the four master license holders in Curaçao.
  • It is the first master licence holder in Curaçao to offer cryptocurrency-based online casinos licences.

License Requirements

Antillephone NV is authorized by Curacao’s Minister of Justice as a master licence holder, and its licence number 8048/JAZ. It is the responsibility of a master licence holder to ensure that all operators with sub-licence under it adhere to the rules and regulations governing online gambling activities in Curaçao.

You can identify an operator that is licenced by Antillephone with a seal that is usually at the footer of their site. When you click this seal, you will be directed to Antillephone licence-checker website that will let you know if the casino is truly licenced by the master licence.

Before an operator can be issued a licence by Antillephone, it must have demonstrated that it can operate without issues. The cost of obtaining a licence from Antillephone is not fixed, so an operator has to request for a quote from the master licence holder.

The process of obtaining a licence usually takes between 4-weeks, provided that an operator has everything in place. Unlike some licencing bodies, Antillephone regularly audits all the operators under its domain. It also put mechanisms such as anti-money laundry system in place to ensure that the operators are not partaking in illegal activities.

Revoking of Sub-licence

In addition to issuing sub-licences, Antillephone NV Gaming is also authorized to revoke the licence of any of its operators if they fail to conform to the rules of operation.

It is a requirement for every operator with Antillephone licence to install their gaming servers at the master licence holder’s collocation facility.

Doing so allows Antillephone to monitor the activities of the operator and disable its operations if there is a need to do so.

In addition to this, an operator must have a physical company based in Curaçao before it can be issued a sub-licence by Antillephone.

Dispute Resolution

It is common for players to have issues with operators, and that is where a licencing body usually comes to play. It is however sad that just as with many other regulators in Curaçao, there is little that Antillephone can do to assist players.

The master licence holder states on its website that dispute between players and operators concerning payments, blocked account and delay must be taken up with the operator.

If nothing is done, players can file a complaint against the operator to an independent dispute resolution company. However, in some cases, Antillephone can provide a bit of support to players when contacted.


Antillephone NV is a master licence holder in Curaçao that offers sub-licences not on Gamstop to other operators. As a notable master licence holder, it has continued to strive hard in providing efficient services and ensuring a safe gambling environment for players.

Antillephone NV ensures that an operator complies with the rules and regulations of Curacao gambling. It can also revoke an operators licence for failing to conform with the acceptable gaming standard.

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