Curacao eGaming License

Curacao is one of the world’s leading authorities to source for the best online casino or online gaming license. Curacao eGaming is the executive body responsible for supervising the operation and conduct of all legalized Curacao casino operators and issuing a license to gambling operators and providers.

Curacao is one of the earliest and most reliable providers of regulated gaming services. Since inception in 1996, Curacao eGaming has served many of the famous gaming providers and operators. The organization was decentralized from the offline regulator board in 2002, and now offer one main license type that covers all gambling types.

Curacao eGaming has a Master license issued by the government of Curacao, giving them the right to provide a comprehensive licensing type. However, the UK casinos with a license do not feature on GAMSTOP. The Master license gave them the right to grant gambling authority to software, software providers and operators of service.

It covers various types of online gambling including a game of chance and skill, sports betting, lotteries, online casinos and many more. Most of the gambling companies usually choose Curacao because of their inexpensive tax policies requiring only 2% of the profit, and also due to the simple procedures required to have a license.

Types of Casino Licenses

Curacao eGaming only offers one type of license known as the Master License. The Master License is usually issued by the Ministry of Justice and it covers all forms of casino games. The casino games include sports betting, lotteries, bingo, games of chance, skilled-based game and other forms of online games.

Operators who owned a Master license are allowed to right to sublet the license to other gambling operators. If you run a software company that provides an online casino platform or you run any gambling businesses within the borders of Curacao, you need to hold a Master’s license.

To get the license, the first requirement is to submit a licensing application to Curacao eGaming. The Gaming authority usually performs a background check, review the business partner, test run the gaming software, audits the financial history of the casino to be licensed so on.

This might lead to small changes being made to your online gaming operations to meet the licensing requirements. Once you meet all the necessary requirements, you will be issued the license. Nevertheless, regular compliance checks will be carried out on your casino even after the license has been issued.

Pros and Cons of Curacao eGaming

New Casino operators and software providers choose Curacao license due to so many reasons. Some will be discussed in this section of the article. One of the most important advantages of Curacao eGaming is due to its favourable tax laws, inexpensive and fast license process.

Also, only one type of license is required irrespective of the type of gambling operation you run. To hold a Master license with Curacao gaming authority, you will be required to pay a setup fee of 60,000 ANG (approximately $34,000). Also, a subsequent payment of 10,000 ANG (approximately $5,600) per month for two years is required.

Aside from providing regulation and licensing to operators, Curacao eGaming also provides financial and technical support to casino operators and gaming providers. This support service includes private cloud servers, international finance, dedicated services, and providing support with other things related to online casinos.

On the contrary, the greatest disadvantage of Curacao eGaming license is that it doesn’t seem to have much meaning from the player’s perspective. This is because anybody can afford the fees and make it through the investigating process. Also, they usually don’t intervene in disputes between the players and the casino operators.


Curacao eGaming is an executive member of the Curacao government body and has been in operation since 1996. They are responsible for supervising and controlling all legalized casino operators, issuing of a license to online gaming providers and operators.

Also, the organization provides other technical and financial support services to gaming operators, which includes dedicated services, support in the matter related to online casino etc.

The Curacao gaming law also stated that all casino players should be 18 years and above before they can gamble. Therefore, Casinos are required to verify the age of players before granting access.

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