Why do Casinos offer Bonuses?

If you are new to the online casino community, you may wonder why several casinos offer bonuses worth thousands to players. You may even start doubting if these casinos can afford giving out these bonuses, and if they do, what do they stand to gain.

The real truth is that while these casino bonuses can benefit players, it can also benefit the casinos even more. There are several types of bonus that casinos offer to players. In this article, we will provide you with a full explanation of the reasons behind these bonuses, and what it means for you.

  • Casino bonuses allow players to win more.
  • Casino bonuses also allow online casinos to retain customers.

Types of Casino Bonuses

Almost all the best UK online casinos offer a deposit bonus to a new account on the first deposit. This type of bonus is referred to as Welcome Bonus. The reason for this bonus is simple. It serves as a means to entice players to register and play on the casino.

Usually, the welcome bonus is a percentage of the actual money a player deposits for the first time, and it is always capped at an amount. The casino offers this welcome bonus in the hope that once claimed, a player will continue patronising them, and thus generate business for them.

Another type of bonus that casinos offer players is the Withdraw-able Bonus. This bonus is very rare. In Withdraw-able Bonus, you will be able to withdraw your actual deposit without having to play a game.

However, you have to play the bonus several times (based on the wagering requirement) before you can withdraw any winnings made through it.

The difference between Withdrawable Bonus and Welcome bonus is that you have to wager your actual deposit on a game and win before you can withdraw it. The wagering requirement set for each bonus varies from casino to casino.

Free Play and Reload Bonuses

Some casinos give new players free play bonus (otherwise called no-deposit bonus) when they register. This bonus does not require you to deposit any money before you can claim it. Although in some cases, the casino may require you to use a promo code to claim the Free Play Bonus.

In this bonus, the casino will give you certain bonus money that you can wager on some games. You also have to meet the wagering requirement set for the bonus.

Reload Bonus, however, is given to players whenever they deposit money into their account, regardless of whether they are new players or not.

How Casinos Gain from Bonuses

While it is true that casinos use bonuses as part of their marketing and advert strategy, there is also one other reason why casinos give bonuses.

Due to the variance of most games, it may require players to play longer before they can make a win. However, if players already lose too much money on a game, they may decide not to come back to the casino.

By giving players a chance to claim bonuses, they can play a game for long without losing too much. In essence, the strategy behind casino bonuses is to make players come back to play more games.


There are several bonuses that you can claim on online casinos. These bonuses increase your winning chances, and they come in different types. Casino bonuses can be referred to as a win-win situation for casinos and players.

While players can have increased chances of winning, casinos also get to retain many of their customers. Why don’t you sign-up today and claim these casino bonuses.

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