What is a Progressive Jackpot?

Every gaming enthusiast wishes to win a jackpot at some point. This is because winning a jackpot could change your life entirely.

In the instance that you’re looking forward to winning a jackpot, and then you should consider playing progressive slots. Progressive jackpots differ entirely from a regular jackpot.

While regular jackpots are set at a specific amount, which is constant throughout the game, progressive jackpots often have the biggest payouts of all jackpots and are not fixed whatsoever.

For progressive jackpots, the amount keeps increasing as more and more players come aboard and participate in the game.

Progressive Jackpots explained

Progressive jackpots are not only played in online casino sites but such life-changing rewards can also be found in land-based casinos, lotteries, and video games and also within poker tournaments.

While playing online in a bid to win the progressive jackpot, time and again there is a group of games linked to the same reward. Meaning, the greater the number of players on each game played, the greater the amount in the kitty, which in turn increases the jackpot amount.

The reason why they’re progressive is the fact that they keep growing until a winner gets an exclusive winning combination.

Boosting Chances of Winning a Progressive Jackpot

It’s usually impossible to totally predict when a progressive jackpot is going to come about. Taking up your jackpot homework is vital in boosting your chances of winning a progressive jackpot.

When you commit yourself to this, you’ll learn how easy it is to locate facts and figures of available progressive jackpot games. Several online sites always give amounts that have been won on specific slots together with the exact corresponding dates of execution.

With the relevant information, you’ll be able to strategies how to win the jackpot by monitoring the average figures that will ensure a good time to start playing.

Finding the jackpot that is overdue or the one that hasn’t dropped for a while is another great way of boosting your chances of winning progressive jackpots.

Over time, top progressive jackpots amass and more people definitely join to play which increases the jackpot amount. Consider slots with the biggest progressive jackpot amount when scrutinising the games lobby and those that are way higher than the rest before making a decision.

Cashing in on accounts will also ensure your money goes further. Get to know cash-out limits and any wagering requirements in place for the progressive jackpot too.

Types of Progressive Slot Machines

Standalone and local progressive slot machines have bets placed only on specific machines that feed the jackpot within a specific casino. Most current progressive machines feature multiple machines all linked together.

Depending on the casino, local progressives may include a number of slots as long as they are under £100,000. Standalone progressive machines are still available in the market today but not often.

The main feature of this slot machine is the jackpot ticker on the game with only specific bets on this particular machine feeding the jackpot. The jackpot of the games in this slot machine is usually under £10,000.

Wide area network progressive slot machines are the most popular casino games available in the market currently. A wide area network jackpot links slot machines from several casinos in a homogeneous state.

This will enable the jackpot to accumulate into massive amounts of money usually over £1 million and other times to an extent of over £10 million. Megabucks games from IGT are a renowned brand for this kind of progressives.

When the jackpot has finally been won and paid out, the slot machine will reset back to its encoded value. This value often differs from one game to another.


Online progressive slots are considered to be more thrilling when compared to the standard games because of the big prospective payouts available. If you’re playing on a casino not on Gamstop, make sure they have the games before Progressive jackpots have become popular with the increasing number of online casinos.

Hitting the jackpot with the progressive slot machine is definitely a desirable feature for any casino online casino enthusiast. There’s however no specific strategy or skill involved in achieving this.

While a number of people believe that progressive jackpots are usually scheduled, the fact is they are not. They are actually paid out at random. Look out for the most competitive offers and try your luck today.

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