How can I get Free Spins?

A free spin is an opportunity to spin the reels of a slot machine without using your bankroll. Online casinos give out free spins to promote their games or to attract new players.

The best gambling websites give out free spins regularly, so look forward to claiming these gifts whenever you have the opportunity.

Sign Up for Free Spins

Some of the best UK casino sites welcome you to their platforms with bonuses. There is a small requirement that you must create an account.

But once done, you receive free spins you can use on a select number of games. You can receive five spins on a specific slot or 50 spins on multiple games. It’s all up to the casino’s terms.

If you are allowed to use up your free spins on multiple games, select the best games. Slots are never equal no matter what people say.

Some have exceedingly high payout rates, and these are the games you should play. A variety of slots also feature bonus rounds that help extend your gameplay. Others feature multipliers that can magnify your wins.

Claim First Deposit Free Spins

Many casinos that gift you sign up bonuses also tend to give out free spins when you make your first deposit.

But even if not given, there are numerous gambling websites that offer this reward. Shop around and you can be certain of finding a casino willing to give you spins upon your first deposit.

The best casinos extend their first deposit offer to your second, third and fourth deposit. They, however, divide their spins so that you earn spins in all the four top-ups.

In an example, a casino promises 80 spins as a first deposit reward. However, it divides the spins into four bundles of 20 spins, each given after every deposit.

Claim Reload Deposit Free Spins

While many casinos end their offers after your first deposit, the best casinos reward you every time you make a deposit.

These bonuses are called reload offers and are calculated as a percentage of your top-up amount. But here’s the great part. Most casinos include free spins as part of their reload bonus offers.

What’s more, reload deposit free spins can be claimed multiple times. Although casinos differ in their rules, casinos that give you reload deposit bonuses run the promotion regularly.

That way, you are assured of receiving free spins every time you top up your account. The spins could be measly but they can help you maximise your profits and minimise your losses.

Become a Loyal Player

Loyalty pays, at least if you join a casino that gives out free spins regularly. In the best cases, the only requirement to earn loyalty-based free spins is to log in to your account.

With most casinos, however, you must wager a certain amount of money per day or per week to earn free spins.

The amount could be £5 or £50 depending on the casino’s terms. As such, know your casino and how it rewards loyalty.

Of course, you want to pay loyalty to a casino that gives out bonuses with minimum qualification requirements. Also, pick free spins that provide value. For instance, choose bonuses you can cash out over those you can’t.

Ask Customer Support for Free Spins

If you can’t find free spins’ offers under the promotions’ page of your favourite casino, request the support team to give you some.

Be courteous and friendly about it. And on your lucky day, you will be given some free spins. This is something that works on many online casinos, so go ahead and make the request.

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